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Sky Bistro offers takeaway with delivery.
Gastronomia - Airport Kraków Balice
The perfect location next to the baggage drop-off zone.
Gastronomia - Airport Kraków Balice
One of the oldest F&B brand located in Kraków Airport.
A modern fast-service bar is located in the Schengen zone and more developed one is situated in the Non Schengen zone. At present, the products are only available to take away.
Gastronomia - Airport Kraków Balice
A regional restaurant with recipes of the Galician cuisine. The offer is perfectly complemented by wines and confectionery from the former Galicia region.

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A self-service modern fast-service bar located in the Airside zone. It offers sandwiches, salads, sweets and beverages.
Gastronomia - Airport Kraków Balice
A traditional Italian restaurant with a casual style.
There are leather sofas, wooden wall finishes inside
and also many elements made of crude steel.
The whole composition is enriched with the lamps in a bit loft-like style.

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A combination of modernity with tradition.
In the Jet Bistro passengers can taste such dishes
and products as: hot meals, sandwiches, salads, cocktails,
as well as hot and cold drinks.
The concept of the local is based on the croust'wich model consisting in the production of ready-made, diverse and appetizing inserts for sandwiches and the presentation of various types of bread. The customer is given the opportunity to compose his own sandwich according to his taste and preferences.
Gastronomia - Airport Kraków Balice
Bistro with home cooking and drinks
Crêperie - the newest F&B local at the airport