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Gastronomia - Airport Kraków Balice
A regional restaurant with old recipes of the Galician cuisine. The offer is perfectly complemented by wines and confectionery from the former Galicia region.

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Gastronomia - Airport Kraków Balice
The largest restaurant at Kraków Airport.
It is divided into the VIP zone with waiter service and the self-service zone of the bistro type.
Gastronomia - Airport Kraków Balice
A traditional Italian restaurant with a casual style.
There are leather sofas, wooden wall finishes inside
and also many elements made of crude steel.
The whole composition is enriched with the lamps in a bit loft-like style.

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Gastronomia - Airport Kraków Balice
A modern fast-service bar located in the Airside zone. Apart from aromatic coffee and fluffy muffins, its offer includes delicious and healthy snacks, such as sandwiches and salads. The snacks are made on the spot according to own and verified recipes.
(PL) Samoubsługowy barek szybkiej obsługi serwujący kanapki, sałatki, słodycze oraz napoje gorące i zimne. Coffee minute express usytuowany jest w strefie Airside na kierunku Non Schengen.
A combination of modernity with tradition.
In the Jet Bistro passengers can taste such dishes
and products as: hot meals, sandwiches, salads, cocktails,
as well as hot and cold drinks.
Gastronomia - Airport Kraków Balice
The newest eating place at Kraków Airport. The perfect location next to the baggage drop-off zone and almost 200 m² of a dining room is a great place to relax both for departing passengers and also for persons waiting for their close friends and relatives.
Gastronomia - Airport Kraków Balice
A café, which attracts not only with coffee.
The only such place in the Non-Schengen zone, which takes passengers
to the café world of delicious desserts, tarts and cakes.
There is a wide range of sandwiches and hot snacks waiting for a hungry passenger.
(PL) Koncept lokalu opiera się na modelu croust’wich polegającego na wytworzeniu gotowych, różnorodnych i apetycznych wkładów do kanapek oraz prezentacji różnorodnego rodzaju pieczywa. Klient otrzymuje możliwość skomponowania sobie własnej kanapki według swojegu gustu i własnych preferencji.